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Criminal Data Searching App

Criminal Data Searching APP
(2nd Year) 2018 - 2019

  • SKILLS INVOLVED: JAVA Swing using NetBeans, MySQL DB & JavaCV(Opencv).
  • OBJECTIVE: It’s a JAVA based desktop App to search any criminal record from database using any key like IMAGE, USERNAME, or other detail.
  • DETAIL: Using Image Comparing method using JavaCV we can compare image of any people to find in database and if found extract its information.

  • Website

    (1st Year) 2017 - Till Now

  • OBJECTIVE: Create a Personal Resume Website
  • DETAIL: Contain ALl Personal Information including academic details, Projects Details, and Resume

  • School Management System

    School Management System
    (2nd Year) 2018 - 2019

  • OBJECTIVE: It’s a JAVA based desktop App to manage school-based records.
  • DETAIL: Create three portals – 1. Admin Portal 2. Teacher Portal 3. Student Portal.
    1. Admin Portal used to manage “Teacher & Student portals” login related issues.
    2. Teacher Portal includes uploading attendances of respective subjects, etc.
    3. Student Portal includes monitoring of their attendances & respective year’s notice, etc.

  • Binary Search Implementation

    Binary Search Implementation
    (3rd Year) 2019 - 2020

  • OBJECTIVE: Implement Btree Searching algorithm in File system Searching. And Differntiate which is better in performance.
  • DETAIL: Create four Tabs – 1. Home Tab 2. Data Tab 3. Indices 4. Query.
    A. Home Tab • Tab in which we are describing our project for what purpose this can be implemented.
    B. Data Tab • To create our test Data. • In which we are generating our random data to use it as raw data in project. • The output data is of combination of serial no, Name, Username, Password.
    C. Indices • Tab in which we will Index Our Data According to Name, UserName, Password respectively as per our requirement.
    D. Query • In this tab we will test our project as per requirement • We calculate search time in Database searching i. Before Indexing ii. After Indexing


    (3rd Year) 2019 - 2020

  • SKILLS INVOLVED:JNode.js, Html5, javascript,
  • OBJECTIVE: Build Real time chat application which, with this application students could be able to avail online doubt support.
  • DETAIL: Create three Module – 1. Online Chat 2. White Board 3. Code Screen.
    1. Online chat: Students can ask doubts from TA through chat.
    2. Whiteboard: With the help of white board teachers could explain algorithms and diagrams.
    3. Code Screen: Students can share their codes to TA and TA can take control of students screen, and modify it.

  • Chat Box

    (3rd Year) 2019 - 2020

  • SKILLS INVOLVED:Java, Android Studio, Firebase.
  • OBJECTIVE: Build Whatsapp Like App which support individual chatting option and group invitation And it also support Friend Request Option With Login Using Email Id and Password.
  • DETAIL: Create four Tabs – 1. Chats 2. Groups 3. Contacts 4. Requests.
    1. Chats: Chat individually to someone who is already in Friend List.
    2. Groups: Chat in Group to which you joined.
    3. Contacts: Your Contact List Or Your Friend List.
    4. Requests: Send Request To Someone who has joined Chatbox.

  • Snake Xenzia

    Snake Xenzia
    (3rd Year) 2019 - 2020

  • SKILLS INVOLVED:Python, Deep Learning, Data Structures Algorithms.
  • OBJECTIVE: Build an Auto Playable Old Snake Xenzia Game using various Algorithms, Such as BFS, DFS, Deep Neural Networks ANd Others
  • DETAIL: We have use Open ai pygame which is modified to some extend so that we can implement various algorithms
    1. Human: It is Non Autonomous Playing Method Which is only playable by human.
    2. BFS/DFS: In this we implement Shortest Path Breadth First Search and Sortest Path Depth First Search.
    3. Hamiltonian : Implement Hamiltonian ALgorithm.
    4. Monto Carlo : It is Probability Based Algorithm.
    5. Deep Neural Network : We Implemented both Training and Testing Phase with reward associated to each steps.

  • Super Angry Flappy Bird

    Super Angry Flappy Bird
    (3rd Year) 2019 - 2020

  • SKILLS INVOLVED:Python, Deep Learning, Neural Network, Pygame,Tkinter
  • OBJECTIVE: Build an AI Playable Flappy Bird Game Using Deep Learning
  • DETAIL: We have use pygame module to build flappy bird game and NEAT to train the neural Network, which also included three different graphics mode
    1. Three Different Modes are:
    a.) Native Flappy Bird
    b.) Super Mario
    c.) Angry Bird
    2. We use NEAT method to train our flappy.
    3. Use Deep Neural Network to train module.